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Have you ever been at a large gathering, when your child has had a major meltdown? Did you find yourself rushing out the door, frustrated and embarrassed?


Perhaps you are an event organizer and are discouraged by attendee numbers. You see families arrive for the day; prepared to have fun, mingle with their community and enjoy the experiences or products you offer; only to leave after 30 minutes of wrangling their children!


Large events can be overwhelming to children (and parents, too!) There are often bright lights, lots of noise and other overstimulating features. The little ones tire easily from walking large venues and require frequent refueling. Those young children, and children with special needs, often require additional support measures.

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Parenting coach, Alison Smith, has taken on this familiar challenge with a unique service called ‘The Meltdown Medic’.  At large community gatherings where the booth is stationed, families are invited to experience a special space, designed with their needs in mind.


Parent and child are given access to a private space–with soft lighting and a healthy snack–to help their child avoid a meltdown. They may opt for professional guidance during an emotional moment, or simply take a quiet break from the excitement to put their feet up. The family can feed a baby without distraction, de-stress with a toy or book, regroup and head back to the action, recharged.

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Free to users

The Meltdown Medic community service booth is provided free to users, upon booking by event organizers, community groups, or sponsors.

Self-serve or guided

This booth may be self-serve or guided by a certified coach, always standing by. It also includes posted suggestions on helping a loved one through big emotions.

Families stay longer

This service will ensure that more families stay longer, enjoy themselves and can even help avoid that epic meltdown, so common to busy events.



  • Alison Smith


Alison Smith is passionate about personal growth and empowering others to move beyond their personal status quo. Since her life partner’s serious illness, his subsequent wellness, and then the start of their own journey as parents, she has had several paradigm shifts around teaching, learning, children and taking advantage of all life’s possibilities. Alison has left the safety of a conventional path to find one of her own, with lots of learning along the way. She enjoys spending time with her rock of a partner and two young children, connecting with friends and dancing like nobody’s watching.


The Meltdown Medic is a service provided by Alison Smith Coaching.  

Parents: if you’re ready to learn evidence-based strategies to parent your kids in a way that is loving, mutually respectful and grows confident kids into happy adults, click the logo below and let’s get started!

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Alison Smith – The Meltdown Medic